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Welcome to MastersEars professional Audio Services. We are the experts for recording, mixing and mastering. Our experience lets our clients be able to get the perfect sound for the musical style they ar after. This client oriented structure helps us end up all projects with satisfied clients.

The Mixing and Mastering Studio for Music MastersEars. Professional Audio for affordable rates. High end Equipment for the Sound that suits to the Song.

Mixing Studio

You have alreaddy nice recordings, and you need a professional mix? The Mixing Studio will help you to find the perfect Mix that fits your taste and musical style. Our high end mixing tools will get the best out of your takes and form all your tracks into a nice mix result.

The mixing studio is a fully digital studio which runs on the three major platforms ProTools, Logic Pro and CuBase. We also provide a special service for all Reason producers, to take their original files and mix them on one of the three above. The real power comes with the third party plugin software. With over 1000 plugins we cover all cathegories of sound manipulation and have the right answer for all sound treatments.

The MastersEars Mixing Studio is also the perfect continuation to take the MastersEars recording to the next music production step. To learn more about our mixing service: Click here...

Mastering Studio

Our Mastering service completes the full package of music production services. Usualy Mastering would be considered as the finishing up stage of the production. At the mastering studio of MastersEars we look over all aspects of the audio material, we help our clients to find the right media for their needs (internet, mp3, cd, dvd blueray). Also we enhance the sound of the finished product usualy for about 30 to 40 percent. This little extra boost of quality is seperating us from other mastering services.

Did you ever wonder why the sound on the radio or on CD is louter and more brilliant then your own? The Answer is: They have been professionaly mastered. With special Equalizers and Compressors the sound will devellop a lot more present, louder in the ear and cristal clear, but at the same time have a round and worm bottom end in the bass frequencys.

To learn more about the MastersEars mastering service follow this link...

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